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A long term decision, comes to fruition…

Cody is a newer resident with Kerry’s Place, residing in the East region.  While he has only been with us a short while (since September) he has quickly won over the staff and his housemates, as he has a great sense of humour and open personality.

A while ago, Cody expressed an interest in getting a Tattoo.  While as staff we want to be supportive in him making his own decisions, we were unsure if he was truly understanding the lifetime decision he was working on making.

Nevertheless, this desire continued to be a theme and staff worked with Cody to ensure if this was something he wanted, that he would be prepared for it.  With his liaison spearheading, support staff assisted in prepping Cody.  Using the internet, staff were able to show Cody the Tattoo process from beginning to end, including set up of machines, slow motion video showing the actual tattooing on skin and prep work.

Cody then had the task of picking his design.  While he had many ideas, he continually returned to the Autobots Logo from the Transformers.  Cody was very selective in picking his design.  This process took hours and finally he decided.  Staff were also reassured that this was a though out decision as he was tweaking colours.

The big day arrived and the appointment booked.  Staff had booked with a reputable shop in there area, Ink Tegrity Belleville.  When Cody got there, there was a mix up.  The artist had been double booked.   However that did not deter him.  Cody waited patiently and finally it was his turn.   The artist, Kris was absolutely fantastic with Cody, engaging and joking with him.  Cody made his desires known and also listened to suggestions from the artist.

Stencil time.   On the 3rd try Cody was happy with the size and placement and it was go time.  Cody asked to feel the needle prior to ink and Kris wet it and did a mini spot away from the tattoo area. Then it was go time.  To use Kris own words “you are sitting like a rock”.  Cody didn’t move a muscle.  The end result was a tattoo Cody loves and an artist who deserves a ton of credit for the killer piece.   He is also a champ for ensuring that Cody’s nervs were put aside and he created a welcoming and engaging time where Cody could be at ease and have fun.

If that was not enough, upon paying Kris gave Cody a t-shirt for the store and posed for a picture.  Cody is thrilled and already has plans for his next several tattoos.