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A Unique Lego Robot Programming Course for Children on the Autism Spectrum

We invite autistic children to participate in a curriculum with researchers at the University of Toronto. Parents are welcome to join the sessions. The curriculum aims to teach autistic children how to program a Lego robot while enhancing non-verbal social-communication skills. We are now conducting a feasibility trial on this new curriculum.

Many researchers have studied robot programming as a means of fostering communication between students with ASD, and have found that autistic individuals are interested in learning to program and can develop their socializing skills through a shared interest with other students.


  • Starting week of ____
  • About six 90-minute sessions
  • University of Toronto

During the sessions, the researchers will teach the students how to program a Lego robot using the prepared material, and obtain feedback from the students and parents regarding whether:

  1. the material is engaging to the students
  2. the concepts and examples being taught are clear
  3. the student has shown improvement in their social communication skills

We will provide compensation for your participation. Participation in this study is voluntary, and participants can withdraw at any time. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the researcher:
Jenny Lee at jennyl.lee@mail.utoronto.ca, using the subject line Programming Robot Study