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Do You Have Team Spirit?

The best sports teams all have something really great in common – Team Spirit! Team spirit is when a group of people feel really invested in reaching a goal together and are there to support one another.

While everyone in the workplace is here to do their job and most people are willing to cooperate as a team, you will find your days become much more exciting when you build up that special something called team spirit! Here are some helpful tips to help liven up your work life by boosting team spirit!

1. Take an interest in your team!

Get to know your colleagues by asking them about their weekend, their hobbies & interests. Build rapport by learning more about them and finding mutual interests. Just remember to keep all interactions professional.

2. Eat Lunch Together!

While it might not be always practical to do this, try whenever you can to have a break or lunch together. This social time is so important for building positive relationships with your peers! Try planning a team potluck or cookie swap for extra fun!

3. Challenge Your Team to Participate in a Friendly Competition

Encourage your department or direct team to take part in our company-wide challenges. Or challenge your team to a contest that you create within your department! Ever tried a “BYOL” (Bring Your Own Lunch) challenge? This challenge involves encouraging everyone to bring a home-made lunch to work every day for a month. Whoever brings their lunch the most wins!

4. Be Supportive and Maintain A Positive Attitude

Volunteer to help your team mates when you are able to do so. Be willing to share your time and expertise. Avoid being negative and complaining about your work or other people as this can really affect the team morale.

5. Appreciate everyone’s differences and be inclusive

Treat each person equally and always respect everyone’s opinions. Just because someone may have a different opinion than yours doesn’t mean that they are wrong. It is important to value the contributions of each team member and make sure everyone on the team feels included and welcome.


Make sure you celebrate the team wins together! Remember though – winning isn’t everything. There is always something to celebrate. Think about how awesome your team is and all the fun and good work your team accomplishes!