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It has been another exciting year for Steven Rose! 

Dufferin’s own Steven Rose continues to live independently and has taken on new and important roles within his family in 2017/18. 

He participated in a focused writing group (facilitated by Kerry’s Place Community) to collect the feelings and opinions of youth living with ASD for an upcoming book.  Steven will also be involved in the illustration of that book, which will be an exciting and very personal look at what Autism Spectrum Disorder means to those who are growing up with it.

While Steven continues to work at events and parties, doing his caricatures and selling his comic books, he has also just recently undertaken a very challenging project: he has started to learn how to use ToonBoom, an advanced animation program, for his cartoons.  Steven has long animated using Flash, a somewhat-antiquated resource, and with Flash’s impending demise, he has had to look for options and ToonBoom, while being a challenge, will enhance and improve Steven’s animation abilities and output.  He is very eager to hone his skills on this new program and get to the next level of animation and, subsequently, offer all of us new and hilarious adventures from his SR Toonz universe.

Steven has also begun to learn how to cook more, adding delicious new dishes and handy techniques to his kitchen repertoire.