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Kerry’s Place Autism Services Community Participation Supports Transit Training

By Naveen

The community participation supports group goes to the mall every Thursday. For the fall we decided to add a little flair to our mall trip. Instead of driving to the mall in our van, we decided to take the bus; add a little transit training to the regular day.

The goal of the program was to learn how to safely take the bus from the office to the mall. We started with in-house training, where we started with road safety. We took regular walks reviewing road safety and practicing crossing intersections safely. Next we learnt about recognizing bus stops and the etiquettes for safely waiting for buses. We found the bus stop closest to our location and practiced walking to the stop. Starting October, we actually started taking the bus. We reviewed how to pay the fare on the bus using a bus ticket, how to recognize stops and then stopping the bus at our desired destination. It helps that the destination is the mall, where the whole group looks forward to going every week!

The program has been a great success and a learning experience for everyone. Right now we are taking one bus from the office to the mall and after visiting the mall taking the bus back to the office. It’s a great initial program in transit training and for the people who are showing more interest a more elaborate program can be initiated; including learning how to purchase the tickets, getting transfers on the bus and transferring between different buses and different transits.