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Kerry’s Place Autism Services Community Participation Supports

Wednesday Community Lunch Program

Members from community participation supports have been preparing delicious meals every Wednesday. They are using the well-stocked kitchen at St. Andrew’s church. The group goes to Wal-Mart to pick up the ingredients and then spends the rest of the morning preparing lunch. They have prepared sandwiches, spaghetti with meat sauce, pizza and pork chops recently to name a few dishes.

Everyone participates in the meal preparation based on their skill level. The lunch prep involves chopping produce, cutting up meat, cooking on the stove, using the oven and the microwave and then laying out the table to enjoy the meal. The kitchen is equipped with a three sink washing station to clean up the dishes at the end. Most members of community participation supports look forward to the community lunch program. Not only have we been cooking delicious meals, we have seen everyone growing more confident in meal preparation; trying out new skills and mastering old ones. To the surprise of their families some of the picky eaters have even ventured and tried new foods after they have been involved in the preparation.