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Leading the Charge!

This is our amazing Manager Tanya leading the charge to get clearance tests for the people we support at Homestead!

The staff has been nothing short of incredible through all of this!

I don’t have words beyond “thank you” and…


I started working at Kerry’s Place 21 years ago. I was a PT assistant that worked as many shifts as I could. I was very new to the field but was eager and wanted to learn. One of my challenges at that time was Y2K. I was working the overnight when the new year changed to 2000. It was a huge and stressful shift, but we got through it. Now… 21 years later, this has been the biggest challenge for me personally and professionally. We’ll get through this too… it’s about working together as a team and being able to reach out. It’s all in a day’s work and taking each day one day at time. Some days will be awesome and others will be not so great, but I always think about why I do what I do… it’s because of the people that I support. I wouldn’t do anything differently.