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Our Community Partners! Thank you!

St. Andrew’s Church

The individuals from Kerry’s Place Day Supports Program wanted to show their appreciation to our community partners who we have been fortunate enough to work with for the past several years.

Kerry’s Place Day Supports partners with St. Andrew’s Church in Whitby, Oshawa Public Library (Northview Branch) and The Living Room Arts Studio to provide different skill building activities for the participants.

At St. Andrew’s Church the participants from the Day Supports program volunteer every Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, and alternate Friday helping out with the food bank. Day Supports participants carry the food items from the Donation center and unpack all the different food into the appropriate bins. Day Supports also has the use of the kitchen on Wednesday afternoons where they run a lunch program. The participants will prep and cook their own lunch, as well as clean up after they have finished eating. St. Andrew’s church has been a strong supporter of Kerry’s Place over the years and we appreciate everything you do for us.

The Living Room

The second partnership is with the Oshawa Public Library (Northview Branch). Day Supports partners with the library to run an introduction to technology program. Each individual from the Day Supports program has been set up with an I-pad. The librarian Heather has been great in setting up an individualized program for all the participants. Heather has made sure that one of the supported individuals has his program with the I-pad delivered by courier especially for him to use every other Tuesday when they are at the library.

The Living Room is an art studio in Oshawa where people can express themselves and connect with others through free art making, skill sharing and dialogue. Kerry’s Place Day Supports program visits the Living Room every Thursday to make a craft which they get to take home at the end of the day.