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Sports and Team Skills Program: “…a wonderful experience!”

Over the summer, the Kerry’s Place Peel and Halton Social Skills Group Program had the opportunity to partner with the City of Brampton, for a Sports and Team Skills group held at South Fletcher’s Sportsplex.

Participants of the social skills group engaged in a Kerry’s Place led social skills lesson, and then directly applied these skills in a registered mixed sports program facilitated by the City of Brampton staff.

A big thank you to both the City of Brampton staff at the South Fletcher’s Sportsplex, and the Kerry’s Place facilitators, for making this collaboration a positive and outstanding social skills success for each participant.

Working in collaboration with the City of Brampton was a wonderful experience! It gave the participants an opportunity to engage in real play scenarios, where they could practice the skills that were just taught to them in the classroom. Many had never participated in a sports class before and now those same individuals have expressed a desire to be a part of a sports league/team. 

It was such an incredible experience to champion the newly partnered Kerry’s Place Sport and Team Skills Social Skills Group with the City of Brampton at South Fletchers over the summer. Utilizing the PEERS and Children’s Friendship Training manuals that focus on making and keeping friends, and applying them directly to an interactive and inclusive environment at a City Group was shown to be a huge success for our youth. Topics such as Good sportsmanship, How to handle conflict, and Correcting a bad reputation, were just some of the themes that were covered over this ten-week program. Youth played a variety of sports ranging from basketball, soccer and badminton to scoop ball, and European handball; all facilitated by the City of Brampton leaders, and supported by Kerry’s Place staff. Watching the youth apply the skills they acquired each week into the sports element of the lesson was really what made this social skills group so unique!