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‘We need the delivery of core services,’ autism advocates say

Recently, Our Director of Services and Supports, Jason Warga, was interviewed by Queen’s Park Briefing regarding the new Foundational Family Services.

Below is an excerpt from that interview. The full article is also available below. 

Jason Warga, director of services and supports for Kerry’s Place Autism Services, said the feedback the centre has received from families regarding foundational family services during the past 24 hours has been “quite positive.”

“We’ve had many families ask how quickly they can take part in the services and are there opportunities for them to register for a number of them at the same time,” said Warga, noting however that he doesn’t see the foundational family offerings as a replacement for other services.

“I think it’s fair to say that every family is unique, every child, youth and adult that we support is unique, and every family is looking for a slightly different series or menu of services and supports,” he said.

Warga said Kerry’s Place was already offering various programs that would fall under foundational family services like parent support groups.

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