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Young Adults Fundraiser

This year Kerry’s Place Autism Services has continued to prioritize our community programs and supports to ensure that we continue enhancing the quality of life of those with ASD.

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Kerry’s Place keystone initiative, the Young Adults Project (YAP) is continuously funded by the generosity of those whom participate in the Annual Golf Classic (AGC). Your donations directly contribute to the continued sustainability of the project.

The Young Adults Project has identified a significant gap in employment services for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Kerry’s Place Autism Services has taken on the task of addressing the many supports young adults with ASD are in need of to find and maintain meaningful employment with the YAP initiative.  This initiative has been a multiyear commitment for Kerry’s Place and will continue to be so.


Thank you for your continued commitment in helping Kerry’s Place Autism Services envision a future where all persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder are participating fully in their communities.

“Statistics have shown that 85% of individuals diagnosed with ASD are unemployed or underemployed.”