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Kerry’s Place AGM 2023

On June 28, 2023 Kerry’s Place Autism Services (Kerry’s Place) and Kerry’s Place Residential Services (KPRS) held their Annual General Meeting to conduct year-end business.

Kerry’s Place Annual General Meeting

Congratulations to Anna Harris and Paula Allen for their election to the Kerry’s Place Board of Directors. To read their bios, please visit the Kerry’s Place Board of Directors webpage. The Board of Directors congratulated departing Board members, Maria Tassou and Vicky McGrath for their service on the Board of Directors.

By way of special resolution, the members approved a new set of By-laws for the Corporation in Compliance with the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010. The complete By-laws can be read here: Kerry’s Place – ONCA Compliant By-law.

Kerry’s Place Residential Services Annual General Meeting

Congratulations to Kathy Kantel and Michele Freethy for being elected to the KPRS Board of Directors. Bob Hart, Chair KPRS Board congratulated Donna Healy for her longstanding commitment to the KPRS Board of Directors.

Kerry’s Place AGM

Approved Articles of Amendment and Confirmation of By-laws

o   KPAS ONCA Memo to Members
o   Kerry’s Place – ONCA Compliant By-law (approved)
o   Kerry’s Place – Articles of Amendment (approved)
o   Kerry’s Place – Members Special Resolutions re Articles of Amendment and new By-Law (approved)

Kerry’s Place Residential Services AGM