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Supported Living and Semi-Independent Living Supports Program 
Creating fully supported and semi-independent living opportunities for Autistic adults across Ontario

Kerry’s Place is committed to creating more opportunities that raise the quality of life for Autistic people.

We deliver on that commitment through our collaboration with Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) to develop supportive housing options for Autistic adults at over 90 locations across the province. Through our supported living programs, people build their skills, gain independence, achieve their goals, and live on their own terms, safely and among people who care for them.
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Looking for supportive housing options with Kerry’s Place?

Visit Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) to start the process and find support in your local region. The DSO is the first access point to all provincially funded resources for adults with developmental disabilities.

For more information about adult-funded services, visit Developmental Services Ontario at

Group Supported Living Programs

Kerry’s Place operates group supported living programs for Autistic adults at over 90 locations across Ontario. We approach group living as an opportunity to raise a person’s quality of life by offering 24-hour supportive assistance alongside personalized goal setting and support.

Our supported individuals pursue a range of personal goals, such as participating in their community, gaining employment, joining in sports and athletics, and developing hobbies and passion projects.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Programs

The Kerry’s Place supported independent living programs offer Autistic adults customized support and services so they can thrive while living independently. All support and services are based on each participant’s needs and goals. Supports range from daily living skills, such as maintaining a home and meal preparation, to help with accessible, appropriate and affordable housing options. 

The type and frequency of support are completely tailored to the individual and can range from daily to only a few hours a week.

Clinical Services and Supports for Autistic Adults

Kerry’s Place offers a range of clinical services and supports to Autistic adults in our supported living programs. Supported individuals can access our full clinical department, which includes Clinical supervisors (Registered Behaviour Analysts), Clinical therapists, Clinical technicians, and a Manager of Service Connections. Our team of consulting professionals also includes psychiatrists serving clinics in the Central, Toronto and Eastern Ontario regions, and an interprofessional nurse practitioner team supporting all regions.

Our clinical department follows a bio-psycho-social approach to treatment and evidence-based intervention. The team’s methodology includes positive behaviour approaches based on the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Clinical team members offer specialized assessments, treatment goals, and supportive coaching clinics. The nature and frequency of clinical support varies across time, is based on individual needs, and follows a formalized clinical model of care.

Person Directed Planning

Kerry’s Place offers Person Directed Planning (PDP) to Autistic adults in our supported living programs. The PDP process involves identifying short and/or long-term goals and exploring community connections and opportunities. PDPs are offered through our Facilitator at Kerry’s Place.

Goal development focuses on each supported person’s interests, aspirations, and preferences and is created with a person-centred approach. Goals can be recreational, skill-based, health-based, or other types. The PDP will outline the necessary plan, action steps, and available supports to reach those goals.

This service includes an annual review that allows people to assess the status of past goals and set new short—or long-term goals, focusing on quality-of-life outcomes.

To learn more about Supported Living programs funded through the Ministry of Community, Children and Social Services, visit  https://www.dsontario.ca/funded-services.

For more information about our supports and services for Autistic adults, click here.  

Or contact our Intake Team directly.