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All about my Autism – By Hannah Lastoria

By Hannah Lastoria

I would like to explain how my Autism affects me and things I wish people knew.

I am Autistic, but that is just a part of me.

My autism makes going to loud places and having bright lights very very difficult for me. It really hurts my ears and eyes. It makes me very uncomfortable. This is why I wear noise cancelling headphones to help block out the loud noises. Flashing or bright lights makes my head feel really weird.

I try to go to places that don’t have flashing lights.

I do not understand facial expressions, social ques and body language and that makes people upset because I don’t know when someone is joking, laughing at me or making fun of me. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and lonely.

I don’t like when people stare at me, it makes me feel creepy.

I have to wear certain clothes that make me comfortable and I have to wear my clothes a certain way.

I love routines, in order to do my daily activities. I hate change and its difficult and stressful for me to get used to new things.

I may have a meltdown. I don’t like having them but I can’t control them when they happen. When I get too overstimulated by everything it can cause this to happen. It takes a lot of energy from me.

I don’t have too many friends as people don’t know how this affects me everyday.. I am always left out of things at school because people think I’m weird… I am just wanting the same things as you.

Have friends, be included in activities. Wanting to fit in and have people be not mean to me.

I am always am nice to people I meet and don’t understand why people like making fun of me and be mean and hurtful.

I am like you, I am a person with feelings, with dreams and thoughts.

Wanting friends and be included.

When people find out that I am Autistic they say nothing or something mean or stupid comments.. But don’t try to get to know ME.

Yes, I am an Autistic person. But that is just part of who I am. I am creative, smart, fun, I love deep pressure hugs, swinging, art and making music tunes. I just look at the world differently. I love playing Mindcraft, Roblox and I have a bunny named Hunnybun.

I want to tell you that if you meet an Autistic person, you have met an Autistic person.. It doesn’t mean you know about Autism.. We are all different .

I am a person first, then the Autism.

April is Autism Month..
Thank you.