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Carla and Fabrizio – Our Basketball buddies!

If you’ve ever had roommates, you know that living with other people can be both rewarding and challenging – especially if your roommate is someone you’ve never met!

Meet Carla, a supported individual who has been thriving at one of our group-supported homes for the last 20 years. Throughout her time with us, she’s had quite a few different housemates – and each experience has taught her something new.

To navigate the challenges that can come with supported living settings, you need patience and resilience, qualities that Carla and her family have in abundance. But along the way Carla has developed a superpower with the help of her great support team and devoted and loving family – she is amazing at creating meaningful connections and adapting with her housemates.

That superpower is how Carla hit it off with her newest housemate, Fabrizio.
When Fabrizio moved in, he and Carla discovered they had a lot of things in common. Over years of living together, they developed a deep and enduring friendship. They’ve had some great adventures, enjoyed each other’s company, and discovered new passions along the way.

One of their shared interests is playing basketball. Carla and Fabrizio’s friendly matches brought them closer, helped them to lean on each other and encouraged one another to pursue their goals. It’s been a motivating and fun experience for both of them. Carla’s successful years in supportive housing demonstrate her strength of character and determination. It is a testament to how much she has grown. As she reflects on her journey with many different housemates, she’s grateful for the friendships she has made, proud of the challenges she has overcome, and excited for what’s next. Through the unwavering dedication of her family and support team, the camaraderie of her roommates, and now Fabrizio’s friendship, Carla’s experience is a great example of what’s possible in supported living through Kerry’s Place.