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James’ Buzzing Business: Turning Passion Into Purpose at Kerry’s Place

James has always been passionate about the great outdoors and, while living at Kerry’s Place, he found the perfect opportunity to blend his love for nature with a new hobby—beekeeping. Last year, with some support from the Passport Program, he got started with a single beginner’s beehive. But it wasn’t just James who became interested; staff from West House joined in, and together, they’ve turned his hobby into a budding enterprise.

Now, James manages six bee hives. He’s not only become an adept beekeeper but also turned into a small-scale entrepreneur, selling the honey he harvests to staff at Kerry’s Place. This endeavor is helping him save up for cooking items, fueling another one of his passions: culinary arts.

But James’ bees do more than just produce honey. The bees also help pollinate the many flowers, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens that we have across our homes in the area. It’s a cycle of growth that starts with the bees and extends to nourish the entire community.

James’ story is a striking example of how someone’s passion can grow into something bigger, impacting their personal growth, the environment, and the community’s well-being. As he plans to expand his beekeeping business, everyone at Kerry’s Place is cheering him on. We can’t wait to see how his journey unfolds, both in beekeeping and his culinary ventures.