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Meet Bonnie!

Bonnie is an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a proud employee of Kerry’s Place Autism Services, and a member of our Autism Advisory Committee. In honour of World Autism Awareness Day, Bonnie wanted to share her story and some advice for others.

“As an adult with Autism I have come a long way. I have developed independence skills, and I have ended up getting a full time permanent job as an office assistant. I am proud of all accomplishment and all the challenges that I’ve overcome, and the persistence and perseverance I’ve shown.”

When asked about Autism Awareness and employment, Bonnie shared:

It is important to create awareness and inclusion. Applying for a job is always nerve wracking, it’s normal to be nervous, try to be calm and be persistent. Try to be concise and use proper wording in your interview. You could connect with an agency or friends for practice and build your confidence.