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My Autistic child is waiting on funding from the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) or another funding type. What services are available at Kerry’s Place while we wait?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re waiting on funding; we know that’s frustrating. However, we offer several Autism services and supports you can access while you wait or provide you with options to pay directly for services and get started sooner.

Many services and supports require registration with the Ontario Autism Program or Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). But we also offer other services and supports that may interest you.

We’ve selected some services below that might be helpful to you while you wait. We also encourage you to contact our Intake Team to discuss the range of options available to you while waiting for funding.

Find a service while waiting on funding:

Browse our available services for adults and their families below, and register online. If you need help or more details about our adult Autism services, contact our Intake Team. You can also explore our complete catalogue of services, here.

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