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Making Connections

Build social skills to interact and connect with peers.

This group program is for Autistic children and teens ages 4-17 who want to develop their social and interpersonal skills.

Participants will learn the social skills needed to make connections, and each will develop their skills based on their individual needs and interests.

Topics covered in the curriculum include:

  • Learning more ways to greet peers
  • Building conversation skills with play and activities
  • Engaging in compromise and cooperation
  • Maintaining social relationships
  • Responding to teasing and bullying

This group program is overseen by a Kerry’s Place Behaviour Analyst registered under the College of Psychologists Ontario.
Note: Kerry’s Place will schedule sample sessions for all enrolled participants. Sample sessions help us determine the best match for each participant based on the recommended support ratio and if the program curriculum fits their needs.

Registering with our Intake Team is the first step to receiving services from Kerry’s Place.

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How to register

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