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Road to Robotics

Looking to level up your coding skills? Want to program a robot to break dance? Or take orders?

This group program is for Autistic teens ages 14 – 17 who are interested in becoming the next generation of computer programmers. This program delivers a STEM-based curriculum focusing on programming, robotics and computer science. Participants will design and explore robotic devices using the Scratch drag-and-drop coding language while practicing problem-solving and creativity.

Weekly topics include:

  • Introduction to robotics
  • Creating prototypes to make robots move
  • Understanding testing efficiency
  • Learning to identify and debug problems
  • Performing operational tasks and more

Participants should have coding experience and/or have completed The Code program offered at Kerry’s Place.

Note: Kerry’s Place will schedule sample sessions for all enrolled participants. Sample sessions help us determine the best match for each participant based on the recommended support ratio and if the program curriculum fits their needs.

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