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Job Seekers Spotlight: Meet David

In the Winter of 2020, David participated in the EmploymentWorks program at Kerry’s Place.  In spring of 2021, David signed up for Project Fast Track, a short-term project funded by Ready, Willing and Able.  David participated and attended the paid employment training at Novellus Graphics Resource in Scarborough and upon completion of the training, David was provided with an offer of employment. His first day at Novellus was April 26th. David and his supervisor both report that he has been doing well at his new job.

“When I first went to Kerry’s Place, I didn’t have much experience or felt prepared for working. I was encouraged by my mom and that gave me the push I needed. I see myself as a shy person and sometimes struggle to take the first step, but knowing Project Fast Track was being offered through Kerry’s Place made me feel comfortable enough to begin. Through Project Fast Track, I was able research partnerships I thought would be a good fit, and developed skills employers would be looking for. What I learned is that employers look for is effort, and that’s what I put in, and how I got hired at Novellus! I am so grateful, more so than I can put into words, to Kerry’s Place, my parents and everyone who supported me along this journey.” –David Petti

“We really enjoyed partnering with Project Fast Track. It was a great experience for us to get to know and train all the participants. Our employees were very involved in the training process which helped boost the overall workplace morale. We are so happy that we were able to continue working with David and feel that we’ve found a great and qualified employee.” –Danielle Hill